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The Prime Minister of Pakistan approved the appointment of DR. SAMINA KIDWAI as the regular DIRECTOR GENERAL (BS 21) of the National Institute of Oceanography Pakistan. She has taken charge of office on 7th January 2021 for a period of 3 years.

Profile: Professional Marine Sciences (Biological Oceanography) research experience of over 29 years, 24 years at NIO with more than 15+ years of post-doctoral experience. Research interests include Biological Oceanography, (zoo)plankton ecology, bio-physical interactions and coastal deep sea interface and its effects on plankton ecology, food-web dynamics using biomarkers, developing Marine Bio-Geographical Information Systems (Marine BioGIS) for Pakistan and for the Northwest Arabian Sea, island and deltaic ecosystems and the impact/resilience to climatic variability on marine ecosystems, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Member of the NIO team in several international research initiatives and national consultancy projects. Interested in National Capacity Building & Strengthening in Ocean Sciences for Pakistan, and Pakistan preparedness for International programs such as the UN SDG14, Blue Economy, UN OCEAN DECADE program 2021-2030 & IIOE-2. Involvement in International Scientific diplomacy and national coordination for progress in oceanography. Visiting scientist in several countries. Represented Pakistan at several International fora, made oral presentations: Belgium, Bermuda, China, Denmark, India (SAARC), Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America. Private International travels also include- Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UAE, K.S.A. Received YOUNG SCIENTIST CERTIFICATE OF COMMENDATION IHDP, IGBP,WCRP, Washington, USA, Best oral presentation at Islamic Network Oceanographic Commission (INOC), Lebanon; First Prize for best speaker at the SAARC “Training on Multidisciplinary Oceanographic Observation for Coastal Zone Management at Goa, India. Coordinator of two International collaborations of NIO. Currently, Project Director of a Public Sector Development Project, GOP. Has more than 60 scientific publications (scientific journals/peer reviewed with impact factor, recognised, book chapters, project/technical reports, press releases, general interest articles etc.)

Senator Syed Shibli Faraz, Federal Minister for Science & Technology visited the National Institute of Oceanography on 11th March, 2022. The Minister inaugurated the Integrated Physical Oceanographic Laboratory (IPOL) at NIO and Dr. Samina Kidwai, Director General, NIO briefed the Minister about the PSDP project "Monitoring the Sea Water Intrusion, Sea Level Rise, Coastal Erosion & Land Subsidence Along Sindh and Baluchistan". This project is listed in the Prime Minister's Performance Agreement.

The Integrated Physical Oceanography Lab at NIO Physical Oceanography section will act as a nucleus where all Physical parameters and associated data will be received and analyzed with the help of the latest technology.

The efforts made by the Scientists and Technicians of the National Institute of Oceanography and the project team in the field of Ocean Science were appreciated by the Honorable Minister with the hope that the Institute will continue to flourish and expand its research activities. Federal Minister for Science and Technology also visited various laboratories of the Institute and briefly met with the scientists and discussed the research being carried out by them.
The Minister emphasized that the NIO's project findings will provide very important baseline data which will ultimately help assess damages, and provide the basis for suggesting and formulating policies for mitigating the Sea water intrusion, Sea level rise and mapping of land subsiding zone along the Pakistan coast.

Group photo of Honorable Minister with NIO officer’s and staff members

Earlier in the month of November 2021, DG NIO Dr. Samina Kidwai, along with Mr. Naimatullah Sohoo and Mr. Waqar Ahmed, visited NIO sub-station at Sonmiani to discuss matters related to administration and Research & Development (R&D) activities. The sub-station is serving as a permanent station for time series collection of meteorological parameter observation collected from Automatic Weather Station by NIO under the project “Monitoring the Sea Water Intrusion, Sea Level Rise, Coastal Erosion & Land Subsidence along Sindh and Balochistan Coast” and also by Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). In order to secure the premises and assets and land, DG NIO instructed the station in-charge to build boundary wall in the vicinity.

Fig. 1 NIO Sub-Station Sonmiani

DG NIO also visited another NIO sub-station located at Gwadar and held meeting with officer in-charge Mr. Ali Jan and Gwadar Staff on the administrative and R&D activities. Scientific and technical team from the NIO head office documented the area within the boundary of the Gwadar station for the construction/extension of laboratories and main building under the on-going PSDP “Project Strengthening of Oceanographic Research Substation Gwadar Pakistan”

Fig 2. Oceanographic Research Substation Gwadar

Fig. 3 Meeting with the officer in charge and staff of Gwadar Station

DG NIO and NIO officers had a meeting with the Chairman, Gwadar Port Authority to discuss the reactivation of NIO Tidal observatory and berthing space/ facility for NIO survey boat at Gwadar Fish Harbor and other official matters related to the MoU between both the departments. The minutes of the meetings has already been shared to the GPA. Previously, National Institute of Oceanography has conducted several oceanographic surveys for the government of Balochistan. Exchange of insignia and brochures has been done at the end of meeting.

Fig. 4,5 Meeting with the chairman of Gwadar Port Authority at Gwadar

Fig. 6 Pishkan Jetty

National Institute of Oceanography, Pakistan

Agha Hassan Baloch
Federal Minister for Science and Technology
Humaira Ahmed
Secretary for Ministry of Science and Technology
Dr. Samina Kidwai
Director General (NIO)

Extension of Continental Shelf Pakistan

The UN Commission on Limits of Continental Shelf hason Friday 21st March 2015, announced adoption of the recommendations for Extension of Pakistan Continental Shelf. With this Pakistan’s continental shelf limits stands extended from 200 to 350 nautical miles, giving Pakistan sovereign rights over additional area of 50,000sq km beyond Pakistan’s Exclusive Economic Zone thus increasing Pakistan’s maritime area from 240,000 sq km at present to about 290,000 sq km.


Sea Water Intrusion

Monitoring Sea Water Intrusion, Sea Level Rise, Coastal Erosion and Land Subsidence Along Sindh and Baluchistan Coast

Tidal Energy

Assessment of Tidal Energy Potential of Major Creeks Along the Indus Delta Sindh Coast

Strengthening ORS Gwadar

Strengthening of Oceanographic Research Sub Station Gwadar Pakistan

Biological Oceanography NIO, Pakistan

In broad perspective of objectives the emphasis is being given to Fisheries Biology, Marine Ecology and Aquaculture. For direct underwater observation and study of organisms NIO's Biological department laboratory has modern equipment.

Know your Ocean

No Matter where you live, the ocean affects your life

of protein consumption
comes from fish

of our oceans
are covered by sea Ice

of ocean is unexplored
by humans

of CO2 ocean abbsorbs
to the atmosphere
from human activites
each year

of international TRADE
travels by ships

Brief Scope of NIO Services

Coastal hydraulics & Seabed Survey
Marine Pollution Survey
Oceanographic Survey
Environmental Survey
Marine Exploration & Geo-Engineering Survey
Oceanographic Data Services
Feasibility Studies
Shrimp Hatchery And Farming

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