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Seawater Intrusion Workshop

NIO has organized an International workshop on “Seawater Intrusion Affecting Coast, Ecosystem and livelihoods” on 20 October 2015 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi. The objective of the workshop was to address the issues related to seawater intrusion in the coastal areas and to explore possible measures to reduce or lessen its impacts through mutual sharing of experiences and information within scientific community, policy makers and management responsible. Delegations from Second Institute of Oceanography, Hangzhou and State Key Laboratory for Estuarine and Coastal Research, Shanghai, China are participated in the workshop.

Mr. Abid Hussain, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Science & Technology was the chief guest of the workshop.

Dr. Naeem Ahmed of NIO briefly introduced the theme of the workshop. Director General of NIO, Dr. Asif Inam, Dr. Huang Daji (SIO), Vice Admiral Perviz Asghar (NCMPR), Prof. Dr. Xu Dongfeng (SIO), Dr. M. Ashraf (PCRWR), Dr.Yang Hui (SIO) Prof. Dr. Zhanghua Wang (SKLEC), Dr. A R. Tabrez (COMSATS), Dr. Samina Kidwai (NIO), Dr. Haider Hasan (NED), Dr. Nuzhat Khan (NIO), Prof. Dr. Shahid Amjad (IoBM), Prof. Dr. Sarfraz H. Solangi (Sindh University) , Saeed Ahmed Bablani (Sindh University), Dr. Hui Wu (SKLEC), Mehwish Shafi Khan (SUPARCO), Shella Bano (PCRWR), Mudassar Umar (SUPARCO), Ibrahim Zia (NIO) also spoke and shared their work on seawater intrusion.

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