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National and International Projects Undertaken

International Projects Completed


  • Pakistan-US Cooperative programme in Oceanoghraphy of the Arabian Sea.

         Influence of oxygen minimum on Geochemistry of Arabian Sea Sediments (PAKOMIN), a collaborative programme between NIO Pakistan and BGR Germany.

         Survey of Malan Island (offshore Makran) and fieldtrip to onshore mud volcanoes, BGR, Germany.

         The Makran Accretionary wedge off-Pakistan, Tectonic evolution and fluid migration, BGR, Germany.

         Marine scientific reserach programmes: Oceanographic cruise "CHAMAK-WINMO" in the norther Arabian Sea. Institute Francais du Petrole, France

National Projects Completed

  • Impact Assessment Programme for the Tasaman Spirit Oil Spill- Phase 1: Short Term Impact Assessment.
  • Hydraulic and Hydrodynamic study of Bundal Island and its environs for restoration/ protection and reclamation.
  • Acquisition of multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vessel.
  • Survey for the Extension of Continental Shelf of Pakistan from 200m to 350m (As per the provision of Article 76 of UNCLOS).
  • Strengthening of National Institute of Oceanography, Pakistan: Ocean Technology, Coastal Zone Management and Remote Sensing.
  • Impact of Oil Spill and Bioremedial measures to mitigate the effects on marine environment along the Clifton Beach and adjoining areas of Karachi. (September 2003, NIO, PCSIR, CMG)
  • Establishment of Multi-purpose Crustacean Hatchery and Jumbo Shrimp Farming.
  • Study of Heavy Metal Pollution Level & Impact in the Fauna & Flora of Karachi and Gwadar Coasts. Sponsored by WWF, Pakistan.
  • Preliminary Assessment of Persistence Organic Pollutants (Pesticides) in the Coastal Marine Environment of Karachi and adjoining creeks of Indus Delta. Sponsored by Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA-USA) and Global Green Fund (GGF).
  • Preliminary Assessment of Pesticides and DDTs Contamination in the Coastal Marine Environment of Karachi and adjoining creeks (Gizri/Korangi creeks) of Indus Delta. Sponsored by WWF, Pakistan.
  • Bed Level Survey of LBOD Tidal Link, KPOD, DPOD and Shah Samando creek at outfall of Tidal link . Sponsored by WAPDA.
  • Biodiversity of Planktonic Stages of Economically Important fish with reference to Hydrodynamical Forces in the two major Indus Delta creeks., (WWF 50021701) 2001-02. Project is sponsored by WWF, Pakistan.
  • Hydraulic Monitoring of Tidal Link Drain (LBOD), 1992 - 2002. Sponsored by WAPDA.
  • Feasibility Study To Restore and Develop Bundal and Khiprianwala Islands. The study was sponsored by Pakistan Defence officers Housing Authority (DHA), May, 2001.
  • Impact Assessment of cyclone 2A on the Coastal Environment of Thatta and Badin, Sindh was sponsored by WWF-Pakistan.
  • The Study of Risk Assessment of the Cyclone/Storm Surges on the ICI PTA Plant in the Industrial Zone of the Port Qasim, July, 2000. The project was sponsored by Hegler Baily (pvt) for ICI.
  • Impact Assessment Study on Coastal Zones, Sea level Rise and Monsoon Variations. (2000) Pakistan National Communication.
  • Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic study of the Bundal Island. The study was sponsored by Pakistan Navy, Nov., 1996.
  • Hydrographic and Environmental Survey for 206MW Steam Turbine plant, Abdullah Goth, Gadani, Balochistan, April-July 1995. The project was sponsored by M/S Star/ABB Energy Venture Limited.
  • Hydrographic Survey for 134 MW Barge Mounted Power Station at Korangi Creek, Karachi, July-August 1995. The project was sponsored by M/S Far East Levingston Shipbuilding Limited, Singapore.
  • Marine Outfall study for Karachi sewage disposal", 1992-1993. The project was sponsored by Asian Development Bank, Manila, Phillippines for Karachi Water and Sewage Board.
  • Hydrographic Survey and Hydraulic Investigation for Feasibility Study of 350 MW FEPCO Oil Fired Power station at Khalifa Point, Hub, Balochistan, March - September 1992. The project was sponsored by M/S Fauji Foundation through M/S NESPAK Engineering Pakistan Limited.
  • Circulation Dynamics of Nearshore waters Hub, Balochistan. Funded by M/S INteg International in connection with the studies for HUBCO Power Plant at Hub, Oct.-Nov.,1991.
  • Topographic and Hydrographic Survey site investigation for imported Coal Fired Power Plant Project at Gadani. A project of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority. The project was carried out in association with Techno Consult April, 89- May 90.
  • Hydrographic and Oceanographic Survey for Pasni Fish Harbour from March-June 1985. The project was sponsored by Engineering Consultant, Karachi.
  • Feasibility Studies for the extraction of Energy from Current and Haliohydrogravity along Pakistan Coast, 1984-1985. The project was sponsored by Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad.
  • Hydraulic moinitoring of LBOD in the Shah Samando Creek, Indus Delta.
  • Study of the effects of effluents from Pakistan Steel on the creek environment.
  • Study and control of Marine Biofouling problem at seawater supply and cooling system of Pakistan Steel.
  • Feasibility study for marine outfall as long term option for disposal of sewage and waste waters of Karachi city.
  • Hydraulic & Hydrodynamic study for the reclamation and development of Bundal Island.

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