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Bathymetric Survey
Pishukan Fish Landing Jetty
On a request of Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) carried out detailed bathymetric survey of the Pishukan Fish Harbour. The harbour is facing problem of siltation therefore to make it useful for small and large fishing boats, the Gwadar Development Authority decided to dredge the silt deposited within the jetty area. As a pre-requisite of a dredging, two bathymetric surveys are required to be conducted to determine the volume of silt that need to be dredged before the dredging and after the dredging.
NIO carried out the initial survey in February 2013. This report contains the details of the bathymetric survey and the data acquired. This report also contains the volume of sand at a pre-dredged stage. A comparison of present bathymetric data with the survey conducted by NIO in February 2013 is also included in this report.

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