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NIO & SUPARCO Scientists
NIO and SUPARCO Teams collaboration in studies for Flood and Environment Assessment in Coastal Sindh
A joint team of NIO and SUPARCO on the 8th September 2015 carried out a field visit of coastal Sindh. NIO has been regularly visiting the coastal area of Sindh. Two surveys were carried out on the 25th July and 12th August 2015 to assess the flood conditions at various fixed stations (Kharo Chann, Jangesir, Keti Bundar, Sajawal Bridge) established for monitoring. Observations were recorded and samples were collected. Freshwater conditions were observed at 3 out of 4 stations. The salinity levels at Keti Bundar was 20 (25 July 2015) and 12 (12th August & 8th Septemberfor 2015), the salinity levels are maintained at Keti Bundar. At the Sajawal Bridge station where the river had been in full flow on 12 August 2015 the river bed was exposed and the water flow was limited to a shallow stream level.

SUPARCO and NIO are collaborating to monitor the coastal areas of Sindh and in this connection, SUPARCO established a weather station and an air sampler at the Ghorabari station of NIO. The objective is to collect observations for a full year with regular intervals of 6- 8 weeks.

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