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National Project

6600 MW Power Park at Gadani, Balochistan Marine Studies

The Government of Pakistan (GoP) has plan to develop 6600 MW Power Park at Gadani, Balochistan which will house 10 660 MW Power Plants to be setup by private investors as Independent Power Plants (IPPs). The GoP has provided infrastructure/common facilities to prospective IPPs Location of the Power Park. National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) has been appointed as Consultant by Pakistan Power Park Management Company Limited (PPPMCL) for the project, that will include land acquistion, master planning, feasibility and detailed engineering required for the provision of all infra structure facilities for the Power Park.
The Infrastructure facilities will include a dedicated Jetty for the power Park to handle the coal @ 25 MT/annum, and accommodate the vessel of minimum 125,000 coal carrier. It is estimated that at least 20 m water depth will be required to accommodate 125,000 ships.
The National Institute of Oceanography based on NIO's past studies in the interest location carried out the following studies:
Marine Ecology Study on the proposed area
Impact on the sea environment for the seawater coming from the Power Plants
The feasibility location of intake and outfall for cooling water along with the thermal Plume Study

The "Marine Ecology Study on the Proposed area" report presents information from the NIO archives, published and unpublished report, research publications, and field surveys (inter-tidal zone, offshore upto the 20 m depth contour, Churna Island - critical habitat). The survey was carried out during May-June, November-December 2014.

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