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The National Institute of Oceanography organized an International workshop on Seawater Intrusion on 20 October 2015. Follow-up of this event included a field trip on 21 October to the Keti Bundar, Hajamro creek area jointly carried out by NIO and the Chinese scientists with the support of the Commander Coast, Pakistan Navy.

On 22 October the Chinese scientist spent a whole day deliberations on areas of cooperation and identifying new avenues of research collaboration. The afternoon session comprised of bilateral discussion comprising of evaluating progress since the signing of the MoUs and modalities of submitting proposals. The Chinese side was led by Prof. Dr. Huang Daji Deputy Director General, Second Institute of Oceanography-State Oceanic Administration, P.R. China and the Pakistan side was led by Dr. Asif Inam Director General, National Institute of Oceanography. Mr. Khan Wazir Khan Assistant Scientific Advisor (IL Wing, MoST was also present during all the proceedings. The meeting was attended by all scientists of NIO and the visiting scientists of the P.R. China.

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