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Minister and Secretary MoST with Technical Team
Minister chaired the meeting of BoG of NIO
Fifth meeting of Board of Governors (BoG) of National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) was held at the NIO Head office, Karachi on 16th October 2015. The meeting was Chaired by the Honorable Rana Tanweer Hussain, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan.
The Minister appreciated the efforts undertaken by NIO in successfully getting approved Pakistanís case for Continental Shelf Extension beyond 200 Nautical Miles from United Nations with in a total cost of Rs. 500 millions. The extended area of 50,000 sq. km now also means the extension of our limits of research. Therefore, NIO now has the responsibility once again to remain focused in exploration of the extended Economic Zone and lead the efforts once again for the benefit and uplift of our country.
The Minister also had a brief meeting with technical team members of Continental Shelf Extension Program of Pakistan.
The Minister appreciated the R&D efforts currently being undertaken by NIO in collaboration of national and international stakeholders for the development of Marine Resources for the economic uplift of the Country and emphasized on launching of new projects for socio-economic uplift of the all Pakistanis. He ensured The Government's full cooperation in achieving NIO's goals and targets set forth in Vision 2025 and our International obligations..
He supported NIO's request for the acquisition of a dedicated research platform that was critical for any oceanographic Institution and emphasized that new and fresh opportunities are arising from the announcement of the Pak-China Economic Corridor and therefore it was paramount that we all contribute towards building our great Nation.
The Federal Minister further directed NIO to act upon the recommendation given by the Senateís Standing Committee on Science and Technology regarding the sea water intrusion and land subsidence so that impacts on the coastal areas of Pakistan could be minimized.
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